About GelMoment

GelMoment will change people’s lives by offering the best business opportunity with the highest integrity in direct selling.

What is so special about our Gel Polish?


With no top or base coat required, our Gel Polish cures in just 45 to 60 seconds, depending on which one of our LED lamps you choose.


GelMoment offers a DIY, One-Step Gel Polish application concept from the comfort of your own home, saving you the time and cost of a professional manicurist.


Our GelMoment Polishes aren’t just beautiful, they’re durable too! Our Gel Polish lasts up to 14 days, depending on your nail type.


Our easy removal system is non-damaging to your natural nails, allowing for easy color changes as often as you like. Our Gel Polish is also safe to use on children with the proper supervision!


Our European-made 5-FREE Gel Polish is solvent-free, lead-free, latex-free, non-toxic, not tested on animals and does not contain animal by-products.


We have a large selection of gorgeous colors to choose from. Whether you’re going out on the town with the girls, heading to the beach, or staying in with your special someone, we’ve got the perfect colors to suit your mood!

Our company is guided by three pillars:

1. PEOPLE: we aim to inspire our Distributors to attain increased financial achievements, success, and personal freedom. We believe that each of our Distributors will create positive energy, enabling them to extend these same values and benefits to those around them.

2. PRODUCT: we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service possible, leaving minimal impact on the environment. We strive to create a better product and a better world with a positive culture that lends itself to our Distributors’ success. GelMoment is proud to be amongst the first nail polish companies to use renewable oil energy in its products.

3. COMMUNITY: we devote ourselves to building GelMoment into a community of entrepreneurs. We share strategies, resource materials, and support. We encourage our Distributors to achieve their financial goals, and together attain a better quality of life for ourselves and our families; essentially the GelMoment family.

Dov Grossnass


Ever the entrepreneur, Dov was always working on new ideas and concepts. In 2000, he founded one of the first online coupon companies ever. After selling this company a couple of years later, he founded and ran a non-profit school for under privileged children for ten years. During this time, he began getting involved with cosmetics, including developing and patenting an award-winning new concept for mascara. Color Polish and skin care became his focus and together with his team at the lab he spent a number of years working on the GelMoment One-Step Gel Nail Polish concept.

After all this time and effort, it is very exciting to watch GelMoment grow to it's present state. Without a doubt, this has become a labor of love. Originally from London, UK and currently living in Montreal, Dov is married and the proud father of six children.

Lighting up the World One Nail at a time


Photos submitted by our Distributors using GelMoment Gel Polish

Our Compensation Plan

Success is no accident, but the result of consistent activity and dedication over time. “Doing things right” will ensure success.

Being a GelMoment Distributor opens the door to many opportunities. As the entrepreneur, you ultimately determine how much money you want to earn, based on the amount of time you decide to dedicate to your business.  Whether you want to be a part-time Distributor with GelMoment, or you want to make this your full-time career, the possibilities are endless and earning potential is unlimited.

Our Compensation Plan is designed to help you achieve financial security. Our attainable ranks offer a consistent earning plan with the potential for fast growth, without large quotas. Your hard work will get you to the top of the requirements chart, where you will be rewarded with exciting bonuses including cash, car incentive bonuses and trip incentive bonuses.

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Monthly Rank Requirements

Wholesale amounts are calculated at 70% of the personal commissionable sales.
*Lifetime: To reach the level of Fashionista, a Distributor must have reached $500.00 in Personal Retail Sales.
**To avoid becoming inactive, each Distributor must have at least $200.00 in Personal Retail Sales within the past 90 days.

Earnings Breakdown

New Distributor Enrollment Package

When you sign up as a GelMoment Distributor, you will have purchased your Enrollment package; the beginning of your new home-based business career. As you wait for your package to arrive, you will have access to a free online training manual so that you can be prepared to begin selling right away.


  • 2 Gel Polish
  • 1 LED Lamp
  • 1 Nail File (pack of 2)
  • 1 Cuticle Pusher
  • 50 Cleansers
  • 100 Removers
  • 1 Set of Hand-Painted Nail Sticks
  • 5 Skin Care Samples
  • 10 Order Forms
  • 1 Product Catalog
  • 10 Information/Thank You Cards
  • 10 Business Cards
  • 1 Distributor Guide
  • 50 Party invitations
  • 1 Business Opportunity Brochure
  • 10 Hostess Party Guide
  • 1 Distributor Party Guide
  • 1 Party Step Cards
  • 1 Charm Flyer
  • 1 Leadership Program Flyer
  • 1 Enrollment Box
  • 1 Year eWallet Fee (Value of $24)
  • 1 Year Website Maintenance Fee (Value of $49)
  • 1 Gel Go Charm + Welcome Card
Special offer, this month only! Remain active as a GelMoment Distributor for at least one full year and receive a full refund for your purchase!*

*Annual renewal fees must be paid before you are eligible for a refund. 

All Enrollment Package contents are subject to change and may be replaced with an item of equal or greater value.          


Value of $268.55

*Enrollment Package contents may vary.